a Dutch gaming podcast called 'Lekker Spreken' from the live streamers 'Lekker Spelen'. Timon tells a story about his fear for flying and what happened when he went back home. a silly story :)

For my animation exam of my last year of MBO SintLucas Eindhoven, we were allowed to animate whatever we wanted, however we wanted, as long as we used three of the animation principles. I chose to animate my favorite podcast, with these principles: Smearing & exaggerating | squash & stretch | pose to pose.

first sketches of the main characters

The character designs weren't too difficult, because I knew I wanted to draw them as animals. The reason for this is because I knew it would be easier than drawing humans, but most importantly, I thought it would look funnier since the story itself is funny too. Timon was going to be a dog 100%, because their viewers (including me) love to call him a dog as a joke. For Peter it was between a rat or a cat. I eventually chose a cat because I think a dog and cat together fit their friendship well.

the character designs

These are the designs I used for all the characters in the animation. They are easy to animate but still have a lot of personality, which is important to the story & animation.

sketch of the main background

I also wanted to focus on drawing more backgrounds, so I did for this exam. For the main background I drew their podcast studio. We don't actually know what that looks like so I decided to put their interests & references in the background and gave them two microphones. The backgrounds are less vibrant so the main characters & animations are the focus.